Hope through Education

St Peter's Life-Line is a small charity
founded in mid 2009 by father and daughter

With so much suffering, injustice and poverty in the world,
sometimes it's difficult to know where or how to start

David Baldwin met Father Joseph Justus in 2004 at a youth conference in UK, made a connection and stayed in contact. David was born in Kenya and lived there for the first 15 years of his life. In 2009 when famine struck, Father Joe made contact with David in a desperate attempt that he may be able to send a little money out to feed the school children.

Susie Curtis, (daughter of David) found out about David's giving and together they felt moved to try and set up something more formal to help the school community at St Peter's. Susie is a mother of 3, secondary school teacher with experience of working in the development and charity sector.

With so much suffering, injustice and poverty in the world, sometimes it's difficult to know where or how to start. But with this connection with Father Joe, our conviction and vision we have decided to focus our efforts on one school to try and make a real difference to lives.

From September 2009 our fundraising efforts started and little by little, through people's kindness and generosity we reached our first target of £2,500 to enable the school to build a much needed classroom.

Our first visit to the school and St Peter's community took place at the beginning of February 2010. It was truly inspirational to see the fantastic work the school are doing, but also heart breaking to see the desperate poverty that many of the community live in. We now have a clear picture of how we can partner with the school, developing long lasting links.

Every pound given goes directly to the school. The only charge we have to pay is a small bank charge to transfer funds from our charity uk account to the school account in Kenya. The directors do not take any expenses themselves, all publicity costs, promotional materials and trips are funded by the directors.

In June 2010 St Peter's LIfe-Line became a regisitered UK charity. The charity is accountable to a board of trustees.

For more information contact us today:
susie.curtis@stpeterslifeline.org.uk or david.baldwin@stpeterslifeline.org.uk