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Kajuki is a parish in the Diocese of Meru
in the Eastern Province of Kenya

About Kenya, Kajuki

The country of Kenya sits on the equator in the African continent.

Kenya's Human Development Index (HDI) in 2007 gives it a ranking of 147 out of 182 countries with data. Life expectancty (at birth) in Kenya is 53.6 years. The Human Poverty Index (HPI) ranks Kenya 92 out of 135 countries with data. (Data taken from the UNDP Human Development Report 2009).

Kajuki is a parish in the Diocese of Meru in the Eastern Province of Kenya. It is in the shadow of Mt Kenya and is about 3 and a half hours drive north from Nairobi. The parish has an estimated population of 40,000, covering an area of 200 sq km, centred round the village of Kajuki. It is an infertile, baking hot, harsh, semi arid region, with a growing season of only two months, in which the average annual rainfall is a meagre 400mm.

When the rains fail (as they did three years' previous) famine stalks the land and food prices soar. It is a hard, unforgiving place to survive, let alone live. As a result, it is a very poor parish, one of the poorest in the region.

The village of Kajuki is about 25 kms east of the nearest sizeable town, Chuka, which is halfway between the north/south Embu/Meru B6 tarmac road. The road from Chuka to Kajuki is a dirt track, sometimes impassable during the rains. A new tarmac road is being built to Meru, and will pass quite close by Kajuki, thereby opening up more access to the area, although the road's primary purpose is to facilitate tourism to the Game Parks further North and East.

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