Hope through Education

Fr Joseph Justus Majau Kaigamba:
9th July 1972 – August 18th 2011

Our beloved Fr Joe was killed in a road traffic accident. He achieved
so much in his short 39 years, more than most achieve in a life time.

Father Joe died tragically as a result of a car accident on the morning of Thursday 18th August. He was on his own, heading for Nairobi, and was involved in a collision with a lorry.

As a much loved and respected man, Father Joe was know for his humility and selflessness. All that he did was directed entirely for the benefit of his parishioners and the staff and children at St Peter's who absolutely adored him. To many, particularly the orphans at the school, he was their father. He achieved in his ten short years as a priest, twice as much more than many others achieve in their lifetime. He truly changed lives. This page is to remember him.

Father Joe's ministry will touch thousands of lives. Speaking at his funeral, Prime Minister of Kenya announced that the area should receive government food aid, something that Fr Joe had been pushing for, for months. His legacy will continue to transform lives.

"A Catholic priest, famous for his anti-FGM, orhpaned and vulnerable children's rights"
The Nairobi Star

"A dedicated clergyman and devoted priest"
Kareke Mbuiki MP

"The Mass (at St Peter's church, Kajuki) had very many people. The Church was full and more people outside. A number of MPs together with the Prime Minister paid us a visit (at the mass) and expressed their heartfelt sympathy, there were many priests who attended this Mass. The Funeral Mass on 26th August 2011 at Igoji the home parish of Fr. Joe was attended by a huge number of people and hundreds of priests and religious." Sister Joyce, Secretary to the Bishop



Below are just some of the words used in tributes to the fabulous Father Joe.


"Servant of the Lord"

"Relentless in his battle against poverty"

"Providing Hope"

"He was the most inspiring man I ever met"


"Such a great sense of humour"

"Father to the fatherless"





"Boundless energy"