Hope through Education
Pocket Money

Demonstrating that SMALL amounts of money can
take individuals and communities out of poverty

We partner with a charity called Pocket Money Fights Poverty

Since 2011, we have been fortunate enough to partner with Pocket Money Fights Poverty, a small charity which exists to fight the injustice of poverty by raising money and buying resources to target SPECIFIC areas of need. They demonstrate that SMALL amounts of money can take individuals and communities out of poverty. Futures are changed and quality of life is improved in real, measurable ways. Pocket Money fights poverty works with organisations, schools and churches.

Pocket Money Fights Poverty uses collection boxes, with the aim of putting in small change and pennies from children's pocket money.

In 2011, Pocket Money Fights Poverty was able to raise funds for items such as desks and chairs, moquito nets and chickens. 

In 2012 we were able to purchase to beautiful milking cows, many chickens, goats, medicine and emergency food parcels as well as donations towards the sanitation block and classroom building.

So far in 2013, PMFP has been able to help us concentrate on supporting children by paying their school fees as well as many of the livestock resources always required.

To date, PMFP has raised an incredible £7971.35 (June 2013).  Small amount of our money can make a big difference to a community.

For information on how to raise funds through Pocket Fights Poverty please see their website for more details.