Hope through Education

St Peter's Life-Line is based upon a cornerstone of prayer.
We believe that prayer changes things.

We invite churches to put us onto their prayer list, and already have
many churches and groups praying to support St Peter's community.

We also have a large and growing team of prayer warriors. On the first Friday of every month, we send around an email with prayer points and reflections for the schools, the community and for us, as a charity. At some point during the day, all of our prayer warriors spend some time reflecting and praying, at their convenience – we recognise that we are all busy people, so the aim is that people fit this time of prayer into their own schedule. We are joined in strength by our friends in Kajuki, who also specifically pray for us and what we are trying to achieve on this day.

We always welcome more people to join this prayer base. If you would like to commit to praying for us on the first Friday of every month (and of course at any other time that suits you), please email david.baldwin@stpeterslifeline.org.uk

What are we trying to achieve through St Peter's Life-Line?

What we are trying to achieve is known as Integral Mission. This is what it looks like;

"It is impossible to seek the kingdom without serving the poor and seeking justice. However it is possible to serve the poor without seeking the kingdom. That is called humanitarianism and it leads to excellent, sacrificial and essential work. It is a good thing – but I want more than that. I want to seek the Kingdom of God. In the Kingdom it is neither adequate to lift people out of poverty today if they are to face eternal poverty nor to introduce people to the eternal riches of Christ if they are fighting to survive today. There is lots of 'evangelistic' work that neglects the context of people's lives and there is plenty of humanitarian work that neglects the context of eternity. I want to reject both extremes. And I want the next generation of Christians not simply to be great social workers or powerful evangelists but to rediscover God's holistic mission.

The gospel is diminished if all we have are words spoken without a deep involvement in people's lives. It is diminished if rather than seeking the Kingdom of 'justice, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit' we use our religion only as a safety net when things go wrong or as a comfortable gloss on a materially successful lifestyle. The gospel is also diminished if we act without speaking, serve without the presence and power of the Holy Spirit and touch people's physical/social/emotional needs while ignoring their spiritual needs."

David Westlake, Tearfund's Integral Mission Director