Hope through Education
Transforming Lives

This programme will support a group of children who
may be orphaned, vulnerable and desperately poor

Transforming Lives – launched in June 2011

Ever thought about sponsoring a child? Ever wanted to give regularly towards a specific project? Read on… the Transforming Lives Programme could be for you.

The principle of this programme is non-specific child sponsorship.

We have chosen this route for a number of reasons;

  • The school does not yet have the capacity to administrate this kind of programme effectively – we do not want to make promises to our supporters that we cannot effectively carry through.
  • In this particular region of Kenya it can be difficult to track a specific child – there is often migration of families due to famine or as happened after the elections, political instability.
  • We do not want to lift one child above another through our support – we want to be able to lift a whole community out of poverty.

This programme will support a group of children who may be orphaned, vulnerable and desperately poor. A child who falls into this category would not have the means to access the governmental primary system. These children will be identified by Father Joe – parish priest and founder of St Peter's Education Centre and his trusted team who live in the community and are very aware of the families that have nothing where day to day life is a daily struggle.

Your £15 per month will go towards supporting a child like Dennis (see left), by paying towards their school fees, boarding fees and food.

Please contact us at enquiry@stpeterslifeline.org.uk

Help change the future for Dennis and John

At just 4, Dennis (top left) is the yongest orphan at the school. He is cared for, fed and educated at St Peter's. He relies on the generosity of our supporters to give him a hope for the future.

Frank (bottom left) is a lovely, inquisitive, gentle young boy aged three. He was born as a result of his mother being raped.

His mother is mentally unstable and is incapable of looking after him adequately.

At just 3, he makes his way, on his own from the village to the school everyday where the school staff lovingly make sure he is fed and give him clean clothes to wear. At the moment his life is bleak.

From January 2012, Frank will be old enough to start at St Peter's, in the pre school unit. Just £15 per month will help pay for his school fees, accommodation fees and food costs. Please help us give more children like Frank, hope. Frank's life will be transformed at St Peter's, thanks to your support.

For £15 a month you can help to transform a life, just like Frank's.

Once you have joined the programme you will receive quarterly email updates and photographs about the children on the programme. We will track specific children and their progress as they move through the school. Updates will be made up of interviews, photographs and films.

Please contact us at enquiry@stpeterslifeline.org.uk if you would like to get involved, we'd love to hear from you.

Help to change the future and make a lasting impression on a child's life

St Peter's education centre provides free education for orphans and vulnerable children in the parish of Kajuki, Kenya who come from desperately poor families. Without this opportunity they would not receive any education at all.

The Education Centre is made up of 3 nursery schools, a primary school and a vocational skills school. The children are taught, fed and some accomodated at the Centre.

At St Peter's these children receive Hope through Education and will have a more secure future. Our core vision is to Embrace, Educate, Equip and Empower the next generation.

Please contact us at enquiry@stpeterslifeline.org.uk if you would like to get involved, we'd love to hear from you.

Your £15 a month will go into the Transforming Lives Programme which specifically pays towards selected children's school fees, accomodation and food at St Peter's Education Centre. The Programme will pay for a group of children to attend St Peter's Education Centre, the orphans and vulnerable identified by Father Frankline – Parish Priest. On signing up to the programme you will receive quarterly email updates about the programme. We will interview and follow the progress of some of the children in the programme on our twice yearly visits. Photographs, films and interim updates will be accesible on our website and facebook page. Thought about visiting? You would be most welcome to join us on a trip to St Peter's where you would help the school with a specific project. Finances for the programme will be transferred to the school quarterly, so the resources for children can be bought on a termly basis. *John’s name has been changed.