Hope through Education

This programme will support a group of children who
may be orphaned, vulnerable and desperately poor

Transforming Lives Scholarship Programme

The scholarship programme was new in 2012. After visiting the community at the end of 2011 it became apparent that ongoing support is needed for certain students who, because of their own backgrounds and their families poverty would never be able to attend secondary school or university. If we are able to secure their education until they become fully skilled and qualified, their lives, the lives of their families and the wider community will start to be transformed.

The students we are helping have been identified by St Peter’s school as being very poor and have given much to the life of St Peter’s through their time and commitment to the community. We are looking for individuals, families or groups who would like to commit to supporting a student through secondary school or university. Your monthly support will cover the cost of their fees and living costs during term time. Costs vary considerably depending on the students course. The donor will annual updates on the students, as well as photographs and interviews where possible.

Please contact us at enquiry@stpeterslifeline.org.uk if you would like to get involved, we'd love to hear from you.

Kenneth and Moses need our support to continue with their education.

Kenneth has just finished his primary school exams and wants to attend Secondary school. He lives with his grandfather and has no way of paying for school fees. Without our support he will not be able to continue his education.

Moses is 20 years old and has been teaching at St Peter’s school for 1 year and 1 term. He comes from a very poor family and currently helps to support them. He wants to go to University to being a 4 year degree to train as a secondary school teacher. It is his aim to be able to motivate and inspire children.

The monthly support on the Scholarship Programme will vary from student to student, depending on the school, university or course.

If you are interested in supporting a student, who could never afford the costs of secondary schooling or University, please contact us at enquiry@stpeterslifeline.org.uk. We can discuss the various students that need your support.




Your £15 a month will go into the Transforming Lives Programme which specifically pays towards selected children's school fees, accomodation and food at St Peter's Education Centre. The Programme will pay for a group of children to attend St Peter's Education Centre, the orphans and vulnerable identified by Father Frankline – Parish Priest. On signing up to the programme you will receive quarterly email updates about the programme. We will interview and follow the progress of some of the children in the programme on our twice yearly visits. Photographs, films and interim updates will be accesible on our website and facebook page. Thought about visiting? You would be most welcome to join us on a trip to St Peter's where you would help the school with a specific project. Finances for the programme will be transferred to the school quarterly, so the resources for children can be bought on a termly basis. *John’s name has been changed.