Hope through Education

Gifts of Life

Gifts of Life are monthly standing orders.

We rely on the generosity of regular giving from supporters who are able to help us with the ongoing costs of the school.

If you would like to give regularly, some of the options below give an idea of various costs which always need funding. Please contact us at enquiry@stpeterslifeline.org.uk

The chance to learn:
£15 a month is all it costs to give a child the chance to attend school. A child who would be unable to afford the costs of normal schooling (see Transforming Lives page).

The chance to transform hungry minds:
£32 a month is all it costs to pay a teachers salary, who will in turn inspire and transform the life of many children.

The chance to feed hungry tummies:
£30 a month is all it costs to feed a child for a month (3 meals a day, 7 days a week).

The chance to help regular school attendance:
£20 a month will help the school mini bus on the road. The bus plays an essential part in school life helping to transport children who live further than 5kms to and from school. The terrain is unforgiving and the bus needs regular maintenance to keep it on the road

The chance to heal:
£10 a month will go towards making poorly children well again. The school has a dedicated nurse, Sister Celine, but having access to be able to buy medicines to make children well again is essential.

Gifts of Hope

St Peter's Life-Line are thrilled to be able to offer you a variety of gifts, to suit all budgets, that will help to transform a life.

How does it work?

  1. 1) Browse from the range of gifts available
  2. 2) Choose the one that suits your budget
  3. 3) Order and pay for your gift online
  4. 4) Enjoy the knowledge that your gift will be help the children and community at St Peter's.

Buy today and enjoy that warm glow inside knowing that you have given a 'Gift of Hope' to a child at St Peter's.


Desk & Chairs

Sewing Machine

A double desk with two chairs which will make a big difference to the pupils. Your gift means the children will spend lessons at a desk and chair, rather than sitting and learning on the red mud floor.

A sewing machine which will equip one of the girls at the technical school with the skills they need to generate an income and find employment. Your gift gives brings them Hope and a more secure future.

Mosquito Nets


Three mosquito nets, sourced locally, will be used by the children that live at the school during term time and these mosquito nets will help to protect them from the deadly disease of malaria, which kills a child every 45 seconds across Africa, despite it being preventable.

Two chickens which are locally sourced and will arrive as chicks with all the care they need until the egg laying stage. They will provide eggs for the children and when they breed – more chickens. This will keep the numbers sustainable and allow a delicious meat meals as a special treat.


New Shoes

A stationery set providing one pupil with all their text and exercise books for one year. Many of the children that attend St Peter's school are desperately poor making education beyond their reach. Your gift brings a child 'Hope through Education' and a more secure future.

A new pair of shoes will hugely benefit the pupils, many of whom will walk over 100 miles per month just getting to and from school. Your gift means a child will have a pair of good fitting, sturdy shoes to withstand the harsh terrain, which they could never afford themselves.

Carpentry tools


Carpentry tools which will equip one of the boys at the technical school with the skills they need to generate an income and find employment in carpentry or masonry. Your gift gives brings them Hope and a more secure future.

A locally sourced goat will produce milk to drink, fertiliser for the crops and will breed to increase their numbers. This will keep the herd sustainable and allow a delicious meat meal as a special treat for the community.

We partner with a charity called Pocket Money Fights Poverty

If you have difficulty in purchasing any of these gifts or would like more information please contact; enquiry@stpeterslifeline.org.uk

Pocket money fights poverty demonstrate that SMALL amounts of money can take individuals and communities out of poverty. Click here to find out more.

The stuff you need to know: The cost of your gift is the cost of the item listed, nothing more added. As a charity, every penny from every pound given reaches the school. Even the printing costs have been kindly donated. We are a small charity, who will make absolutely sure that the gift you purchase will be given to the school and community at St Peter's, Kajuki, Kenya. The gifts available have been carefully chosen in consultation with the founder of St Peter's school and the Head Teacher. There are limited numbers of each gift – when they've gone, they've gone. This ensures that your generosity is directly meeting the needs of the school, making a difference and bringing Hope. All the photographs pictured are of real children, animals or objects at St Peter's. Once you have decided which gift card to purchase, please use the drop down menu below to purchase it. We have kept the postage and packaging costs as low as possible (at just 60 pence), ensuring that your gift will be sent to you first class to reach you as quickly as possible.