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In this harsh, semi-arid area, where people depend entirely on what they grow for their food, and where the seasonal rains often fail, food shortages and hunger are ever-present. 
In conjunction with Jomo Kenyatta University we have just started a large-scale cricket farming project to produce a constant, reliable cost effective source of food.
We have built a custom designed cricket farming unit at St Peter’s (The Pavilion?!).

Cricket Farming: About Us

Why Crickets

  • easy and cost effective to farm

  • simple process to mill and produce as food

  • high in protein content, enriching a diet that is largely carbohydrate 

  • not season-dependent

  • environmentally friendly

  • taste good (if we can develop the right recipes!)

  • possible business opportunities for women’s micro finance scheme

  • The project is in the early development stages, and we will learn as we go!

Cricket Farming: Welcome
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