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Meet brothers Silas and Salesio - both suffering with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Sadly, their life span will be short... their middle brother has already died. These two are part of a hidden population in Kajuki and surrounding area that we were made aware of - disabled children hidden away as being regarded as cursed and shameful - the 'Hidden Ones'. Many are very severely disabled - there is a high proportion of cerebral palsy, brought on by protracted and difficult, unattended childbirths - and many we found were in awful states of neglect, distress and suffering, some severely malnourished.

Through our church and women's networks we persuaded these families to come forward. Over 120 have come so far. We have opened a rehabilitation clinic at St Peter's, employed a full time Occupational Therapist, and have started ongoing medical and pastoral programmes to tend to these kids and their families, to try and improve their medical condition, but above all to know that they are accepted and LOVED!

The Hidden Ones: About Us


Cerebral Palsy, severe malnutrition, aged 5.



Severe cerebral palsy, convulsions, 22 years old.



Born blind, now at a specialist school, 11years old.

The Hidden Ones: Meet the Team
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