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The cost of sanitary products is prohibitive for most girls and young women, meaning they have to miss out on several days of learning each month.

St Peter's Life-Line have built a custom designed micro-factory at St Peter’s, Kajuki.

Our micro factory at St Peter's, employing 6 local women, is manufacturing up to 90 packets of san pads every day (10 per packet), to standards approved by the Kenya Manufacturing Standards Board.

Our distribution programme to local school girls is now underway...

We have partnered with Loving Humanity who have helped us to purchase equipment and materials, which includes training to make the sanitary pads.  This is a well tested route already developed and successfully operating in the refuge camps of the Middle East.

Note: Because of the blood curse factor, reusable/washable sanitary pads are not acceptable by the women at present - we have tried! So we have to make disposables. Because of the blood element they will never be carelessly thrown away. In most cases they will go down the family earthen ‘long drop’ loo, and in schools we will provide communal incinerators. We will continue trialling the use of silicone menstrual cups, but quite understandably some resistance to these, which is ultimately the totally sustainable solution. But… for various reasons there will aways be a need for sanitary pads.

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