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From Fr Joe's one small school, St Peter's, we have helped development with capital works projects at St Peter's and with the creation of another two schools - Our Lady of Consolation in the County town of Kathwana, and the Sacred Heart in the very poor area of Ntumbara. All these schools have a high proportion of impoverished children. All these schools are at or near the top with academic performance compared with the 140 other schools in the region. We have always been impressed, inspired and humbled by the ambition and sheer hard work shown by these children to better their lives.

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From primary to university you can help Transform Lives by sponsoring an orphan or vulnerable child to meet and achieve their biggest dreams. Although government primary education is 'free', there are still costs involved that the poorest cannot meet. In fulfilling Fr Joe's vision, we offer full scholarships to educate children at all levels. It costs £15 a month for a fully boarded primary education, £20 for secondary, typically £40 for tertiary or vocational skills, and typically £60 for university. Secondary education is expensive, and out of reach of many, particularly for girls in the current cultural climate.

Education: Welcome
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