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The foul scourge of Female Genital Mutilation (so-called 'circumcision') is very prevalent in this very conservative tribal area. In their tribal culture it is regarded as a Major Rite of Passage - the ritual transition from childhood to adulthood, for boys and girls, aged between 12 to 16.

For young girls it is a traumatic and grieviously wounding procedure, carried out with no anaesthetic, no antiseptics, no pain killers, in extremely unhygienic and primitive conditions. They are expected to bear the pain as a sign of strength required to become a woman. They then face early, arranged marriages, with little chance of a secondary education - their horizons are closed down.

FGM: Welcome

We are dramatically and effectively changing this, with our well structured, proactive, educative Alternative Rite of Passage programme, engaging with the community throughout the year.

So far, we have empowered over 2,200 young women to say NO! to FGM - and giving them the ongoing support and courage to defy their parents, their peers and community elders.... and head confidently for those horizons!

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